Why Army Mechanics?

Welcome to Army Mechanics! A full licensed and insured automotive service that is mobile, affordable and convenient.

No more waiting around in shops! However we do have a shop if you prefer, we provide service where and when you need it. Contact Us →

Hours of Operations:

Tuesday – Saturday: 9am -5pm (By Appointment Only)

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    Services we specialize in:

    Diagnose & Check Engine light
    Complete Brake job
    • Starters
    • Alternators
    • Batteries
    Fuel Injection cleaning
    Radiators & cooling system
    Scheduled Maintenance
    • Power windows & Doors
    Transmission service
    Oil Changes
    Belts and Hoses
    Tune Ups
    Air filter
    Front and rear differential service
    Shocks and Struts
    Front and rear end suspension
    • Other services include Engine replacement, transmission replacement, head gasket replacement, timing belt replacement, timing chain replacement, and complete rear end replacement.