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    Check engine light technology is found on all vehicles manufactured for use in the U.S. since 1996 and Canada since 1998 because of government mandates to lower emissions. Often called on board diagnostics, second generation (OBD2 or OBD-II), the check engine light is part of a sophisticated program in your vehicle’s on-board computer that is constantly checking information from engine to transmission sensors to look for emissions-related problems. It’s found on more than 220 million vehicles in North America, and covers about 80% of the systems on most cars, light trucks, SUVs and minivans.

    • Our check engine light diagnostic service will ascertain why your check engine light is on and what’s required to correct the problem. Whether it’s an OBD 1 System or an OBD2 system we have the necessary computer equipment and software to get you the right fix the first time. This service is $115.00 for all year’s, makes, and models.

    • In some cases this diagnostics charge is waived if the needed service is performed