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Why Army Mechanics?

Welcome to Army Mechanics! A full licensed and insured automotive service that is mobile, affordable and convenient.

No more waiting around in shops! However we do have a shop if you prefer, we provide service where and when you need it. Contact Us →

Hours of Operations:

Tuesday – Saturday: 9am -5pm (By Appointment Only)

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    Our Process

    Our typical process starts with a client calling in for a service or estimate or submitting a service request online via our website @armymechanics.com – we prefer this method over the phone call method because its quick and we’re able to get all the accurate information needed to deliver the cost associated with the repair needed.

    After accepting the estimate, Army Mechanics will schedule your Appointment date and time. After that your scheduled in our appointment books for the time that works best for you. Our mechanic will arrive at your location on the scheduled day and time.

    If you do not know what is causing the problem(s) this would fall under a diagnostic test. This is a service that requires our Diagnoses mechanic who will come out prior to any work being done on the your vehicle. This allows us to diagnose your issue and provide an estimate for the repair. If the work is approved then you can call into the office to schedule the work needed or you can self-schedule using our self scheduler software.

    After the service has been accepted and your appointment is scheduled we will then order any necessary
    parts and equipment needed for the job. If you wish to provide your own parts, Army Mechanics will not be responsible for any defective parts. If the parts are not correct when you are providing the parts, you will need to be rescheduled and any time spent on site will be billed at that time. If Army Mechanics is providing the parts, all parts are under the manufactures warranty, we will communicate the warranty periods for the parts installed to you and if any part is deemed to be defective for any reason Army Mechanics will provide a replacement part and provide the labor at no charge to you.

    Your mechanic is dispatched from our hub location to the place of repair. Our mechanic will arrive on site with a work order and our warranty information for you to sign. Our mechanic will go threw a 21 point inspection before the work is performed as well as the set up process for the work that’s been accepted. After the mechanic has completed the repair a test drive may be necessary for safety. Once the client is satisfied with the work performed we accept payment Cash or Credit card. With all card transactions there will be a 2% charge.

    Army Mechanics likes to follow up with the you after a service is performed and gather any input, positive or negative about your experience.