Why Army Mechanics?

Welcome to Army Mechanics! A full licensed and insured automotive service that is mobile, affordable and convenient.

No more waiting around in shops! However we do have a shop if you prefer, we provide service where and when you need it. Contact Us →

Hours of Operations:

Tuesday – Saturday: 9am -5pm (By Appointment Only)

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    Parts & Accessories Limited Warranty & Disclaimer

    Army Mechanics’ warranty on parts is dedicated by the manufacturer’s offered warranty (which automatically transfers to the end-user/customer.) If a part is believed or judged to have been defective for any reason—then the customer will only be responsible for the labor incurred to have it replaced. Army Mechanics is not responsible for defective parts, but will however; work with the customer to obtain rights and remedies available according to the original equipment manufacturer’s current warranty for such part/accessory. Army Mechanics’ labor warranty is consistent with all labor guaranteed for 12 months or 12,000 miles from the date of repair. All warranty claims will be handled within a 48 hour time-period at the original location of repair unless other arrangements are made and in whole agreement between both parties (Army Mechanics and Customer.) Army Mechanics expressly does not provide rental cars, lodging, inconvenience reimbursement, or towing of any kind regardless of distance or location. Army Mechanics will make every effort to satisfy our customers, and if the Customer is not 100% satisfied, please contact us directly at (760) 385-6040 so that we can resolve any issues amicably and expeditiously! Bureau of Automotive Repair (BAR), registration number: 266878.